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Fiberglass outdoor statues are available in:

All one-color (i.e. all white, all brown, etc.) for outdoor or indoor use.

Natural colors (life-like) for indoor use only.  Several sample pictures are shown in the accompanying pages in all white, with some also shown in color for comparison. Natural colors available only in Western states.

Embedded metallic flakes (bronze) for outdoor or indoor use (cost is  1.75 times that listed for one-color version)

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WEIGHT - Fiberglass is light. Even the largest sizes can be easily carried by one or two people. Concrete requires a crane for placement at the site for the larger sizes.

SHIPPING -  Fiberglass is light. It costs considerably less to ship than concrete statues.

PRECISE -  Fiberglass pours as a  liquid and therefore reflects all the fine details of the mold. Concrete is thick and grainy and does not penetrate into the fine details of the mold well.

STRENGTH - Fiberglass is strong. It is reinforced and is the same material used to make boat hulls which withstand shock and the elements without breaking. Although concrete is durable for outdoors, it will break into pieces if hit or knocked over.

COST - Fiberglass is a much less expensive medium for outdoor statues than is concrete.

DURABILITY - Fiberglass will not degrade, erode or crumble over time in the elements like concrete tends to do.

AVAILABILITY - Concrete statues take longer to prep, produce, cure and finish, where the fiberglass process allows for quicker turnaround.


FACES - Not afraid to show close-up highly  detailed photos of our statue faces. Proprietary painting and finishing techniques used in producing stunning life-like faces and eyes.

WORKSHOP  - Not mass produced or imported from China, South Korea or Hong Kong.  All statues individually hand crafted, sanded, sealed and painted in-house at the time of order by our own artisans.

EXCLUSIVE - Available only through our website, not catalogs or stores.

COLORIZATION -Painted in a wide variety of lovely pastels and soft tones, not harsh primary colors.

TECHNIQUE - Natural color versions hand painted with fine brushes and artist pencils for sharp lines of demarcation, not air brushed with blurred overlapping colors.

PRODUCTION - Cast and embellished on site with poly resin and premium fiberglass webbing.

FOCUS - Images of Heaven makes only religious statues - you’ll never see birdbaths, buddahs, gargoyles, gnomes, fountains, etc.

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