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Saint Francis of Paola

-  Founder of the Minims (Hermits of St.    Francis).

-  Patron of sailors and seafarers.

-  Hermit and miracle worker.

-  Feast Day:  April 2nd.

This regal statue features a rugged hand painted face and details such as fingernails and eyelashes,  Franciscan rope, and golden halo.  Saint Francis holds his Prior staff in hand and his motto “Charitas” (Charity) is emblazoned on the front of his tunic.  

- 16” size: $250 + $32 shipping

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"Be peace-loving. Peace is a precious treasure to be sought with great zeal. You are well aware that our sins arouse God's anger. You must change your life, therefore, so that God in his mercy will pardon you. What we conceal from men is known to God. Be converted, then, with a sincere heart. Live your life that you may receive the blessing of the Lord. Then the peace of God our Father will be with you always.”
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St. Francis of Paola Statue by Images of Heaven

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