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Hi, I’m Paul...  - Born England 1960 - Moved USA 1970 - Played music since age 14 -Raised Catholic, fell away,  came back 1990‘s - Doing it God’s Way now - I love God I offer these Cds to you FREE as God has inspired.  I record and produce my Cds when time and money allows.  Donations are by no means expected or requested (except for shipping), but if offered, would be graciously appreciated and accepted. Mail:
TIME OF MERCY (Click red titles for song sample) TIME OF MERCY - 18 songs - FREE!!   (shipping donation welcome) Come Holy Spirit Words From God Zacchaeus Come Down Deliver Me Jesus Ave Maris Stella Your Savior Because I Love You Never Alone Jacob’s Ladder Apostles Creed Jesus of Mercy God Only Knows Your Holy Face King of All Nations Candle Burns Woman Clothed Thy Kingdom Come Time of Mercy THE SANCTUARY - 17 songs - FREE!! (shipping donation welcome) THE SANCTUARY (Click red titles for song sample) Holy Mother The Sanctuary Christ is All in All Christ is All in All 2 The Divine Praises Hail Mary The Lord’s Prayer The Divine Praises 2 Anima Christi Gethsemane Judas Jesus Looked at Peter Way of the Cross A Mother’s Love Rosary Mysteries The Sanctuary 2 5,480 SONGS OF THE HEART -18 songs - FREE!!  (shipping donation welcome) SONGS OF THE HEART (Click red titles for song sample) Mary’s Garden The Candle Burns Joy St. Joseph You Will Dance The Trinity Song Guardian Angel John Paul Row the Boat THE CALL OF GOD - 13 songs - FREE!!  (shipping donation welcome) THE CALL OF GOD (Click red titles for song sample) Your World He’s So Lonely Joshua Send Me a Dream Emmanuel Shine Come Follow Me Angel David Heaven Speaks David and Goliath Judas Fill It Up The Call of God St. Anthony’s Song Every Heart Rise Kyrie Eleison Clothed With Thy Graces St. Gertrude’s Prayer Lay Me Down Our Father Oh, The Cross Visit Paul at: VIDEOS !! DRAW US CLOSER TO YOU (Click red titles for song sample) DRAW US CLOSER - 20 songs - FREE!!   (shipping donation welcome) Going Home Draw Me Closer To You Isn’t It Hard? Crying Thanksgiving My Father Come Down I Want To Know You Fill Me Jesus  Ave Maria 1st Christmas Morn Forty Days Heart of a Servant Shouldn’t I Love You More? At The Cross Triumph of the Lamb The Seed Divine Mercy Light After Darkness May Listen to Paul’s musical interpretation of LORNA BYRN’S beautiful:   “Prayer of Thy Healing Angels”  For background on the inspiration for the prayer and song, visit HERE. AWAKEN (Click red titles for song sample) AWAKEN - 20 songs - FREE!!   (shipping donation welcome) I Will Sing How Long? Dolores So Beautiful The Mystery of Love Your Fire Glows Cry Out For Mercy  All Good Men The Promise Song of James He Calls Me A Child of the Snows Heaven’s Light Mist of Mercy A Holy Thursday Fatima Pardon Prayer The One Sleeping Souls Lift Up Your Head The Banquet
Paul Lisney “Free Original Catholic Popular Music”
All songs, lyrics, instruments, music and production by Paul Lisney (except prayers)
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